8578 Big Pine Road, Marshall, NC 28753

Year Built: 1924

Historic Owners: Rubin Caldwell, McKinley “Doc” or “Mac” Caldwell, Floyd Caldwell


The Rube Caldwell barn is one of the five distinctive monitor roof barns in the Big Pine Creek valley, with the signature diagonal lattice work and milled lapped board siding. Unlike the other monitor roof barns, however, this variation continued the tradition of using logs for the lower level for animal stalls, in four log cribs. Like the Claude Wild barn it is also a bank barn, providing drive-in access to the second level hay loft for unloading horse-drawn wagon loads of hay. The farm includes the remains of an old flue-cured log tobacco barn that was revered by Rube’s son Mac Caldwell who, until his death, enjoyed telling about the original but long-forgotten flue-cured, or “fire-cured” tobacco that was an economic boon to the mountains in the late 19th century, well before burley tobacco was introduced.

Historic Use: livestock, burley tobacco, utility

Type of Construction: Post and Beam, Notched Logs, and Stud Frame

Siding Materials: Milled Boards, Lattice, and Exposed logs

Roof Shape: Monitor

Roofing Materials: 3-V metal

Roof Framing: Milled rafters

Foundation: Dry-Laid Stone and Wood sills on rock piers

Species of Wood: Chestnut and Various Other

Hinges: Commercial Metal

Fasteners: Wire nails

Additional Features:

Outbuildings: can house/root cellar /case house with rock wall ground level, frame second floor, may have also served as a granary. A flue-cured tobacco barn ruin is also on site. See other file for 1985 photos and data on that barn.

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Rubin “Rube” Caldwell Livestock Barn