John Allen Road, Mars Hill NC 28754

Year Built: 1930s

Historic Owners: Curtis Buckner


The Curtis Buckner burley tobacco barn is on the original Tommy Allen farm, passed down to his daughter Sarah Allen, who married Curtis Buckner. The farm was part of an early speculative development on Gabriel’s Creek, by Gabriel Keith and John Allen in the 1830’s. Burley tobacco was relatively new in the mountains and was typically air-cured in adapted log barns or livestock barn hay lofts. This innovative monitor roof barn was one of the earliest barns built exclusively for air-curing burley tobacco in the 1930’s, and was likely influenced by the Sam Moore monitor roof barn in a neighboring valley. Like the Moore barn, it is very tall, with seven levels of tier poles.

Historic Use: burley tobacco

Type of Construction: Post and Beam, Sawn lumber, Hewn Timbers, and Stud Frame

Siding Materials: Milled Boards

Roof Shape: Monitor

Roofing Materials: 5-V metal

Roof Framing: Milled rafters

Foundation: Wood sills on rock piers

Species of Wood: Chestnut and Various Other

Hinges: Commercial Metal

Fasteners: Cut Nails

Additional Features:

a very high barn with 7 tier levels of tier poles

Outbuildings: a drive-thru corn crib is on the site, neglected and dilapidated.

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Curtis Buckner Barn