300 Hazel Brooke Rd, Mars Hill NC 28754

Year Built: 1930s

Historic Owners: Samuel Moore


The Samuel Moore burley tobacco barn is known by family members to be the earliest monitor roof barn in eastern Madison County. It was built exclusively for air-curing burley tobacco, and was an innovative design for its day. The barn accommodates seven tier pole levels within its great height, for hanging tobacco, and is said to hold three acres of tobacco. The rock piers supporting the pole-frame walls were set by the builder according to the signs of Zodiac and moon phase so that they would not heave during freezing weather. As reported by grandson Gordon Moore, “It was his creation, that type of barn (monitor roof), first one in the area of that roof type. His brother helped build it, and asked him when they finished, ‘Sam, is that what you had in mind for that barn?’ Sam said, ‘Well, if it warn’t, I’d a’tore it down and started over.’” The earliest known monitor roof barn in Madison County is in the Big Pine community built by Claude Wild in 1918.

Historic Use: Burley tobacco

Type of Construction: Post and Beam, Sawn lumber, and Stud Frame

Siding Materials: Milled Boards and Lattice

Roof Shape: Monitor

Roofing Materials: 5-V metal

Roof Framing: Milled rafters

Foundation: Dry-Laid Stone

Species of Wood: Chestnut and Various Other

Hinges: Commercial Metal

Fasteners: Wire nails

Additional Features:

original large doors had partially wood hinges
42” OC ave. The height accommodates 7 tier levels, unusually high
lattice work on cupola ends; original doors on hallway, one has survived, had mortise and tenon joinery

Outbuildings: None

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Samuel Moore Barn