215 Kings Blvd., Marshall, NC

Year Built: Late 1800s

Historic Owners: Gaither Shelton, Vernie Shelton, Rosco King


W. Gaither Shelton was a successful farmer and is said to have owned most of the Big Creek valley. He was born June 11, 1855 and died February 6, 1927. He was married in 1884 at age 29. It is likely he built the barn after his marriage. He is buried across Big Creek Road to the north. Rosco King, father of current owner, bought this barn from Worley and Vernie Shelton, son and daughter-in-law of Gaither Shelton. Background obtained from Carson King, Max Shelton, and Flo Wallin, granddaughter of Gaither Shelton.

Historic Use: Livestock

Type of Construction: Post and Beam, Timber Frame, Mortise and tenon, Sawn lumber, Hewn Timbers, and Notched Logs

Siding Materials: Milled Boards and Exposed logs

Roof Shape: Gable

Roofing Materials: Split wood Shingles

Roof Framing:


Species of Wood:



Additional Features:

doors with mortise and tenon joinery, one door survives with wood post and keep hinge.
The hay fork rail and fork are still in place, which is rare.
Hay racks are angled with split palings, also rare.

Outbuildings: a very good example of a storage building and corn crib is just south of the barn. A large burley tobacco barn is also on the property

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NOTE: These photographs are meant to illustrate various features and construction elements of this barn.

Gaither Shelton Barn