13581 NC Highway 209
Hot Springs NC 28743

Year Built: 1925

Historic Owners: Eulas “Billy” Askew


The Billy Askew barn, built by Eulus “Billy” Ray Askew (1897 to 1952). His father was T. W. Billy Askew, mother was Dell Woody.

The C. C. Askew family was one of the first to settle in this valley in 1820. This classic true gambrel roof livestock barn is one of the earliest of its type and sits at the south end of the large “upper flats” bottom land of Spring Creek. It has a true gambrel roof structure in which the roof rafters form a shallow roof truss, allowing the loft area to be free of vertical posts and thus better accommodating the moving and storage of hay. Another innovation of the times in this barn is a vertical pipe that houses the pulley rope for the hay fork mounted on the ridgeline rail. A horse would be stationed in the ground level hallway and walk forward, pulling the loaded hay fork into the large loft area in the floor above. The animal stalls were built to house the large draft horses that Billy Askew used in all aspects of the farm operation, and much of the original draft horse gear is present. The metal roofing, which appears to be the original roofing, is the unusual 3-U roofing which, according to oral tradition, was formed on site by a traveling roofing crew from Alcoa Aluminum Company, using a horse-drawn metal forming machine.

Historic Use: livestock, mostly draft horses, storage, utility

Type of Construction: Sawn lumber

Siding Materials: Milled Boards

Roof Shape: Gambrel

Roofing Materials: 3-U metal

Roof Framing: Milled rafters

Foundation: Wood sills on rock piers

Species of Wood: Chestnut and Various Other

Hinges: Wrought Iron and Commercial Metal

Fasteners: Wire nails

Additional Features:

hay fork with metal pipe for horse-drawn cable run

Outbuildings: multiple outbuildings that include a large corn crib, a chicken house, and equipment garage. A log flue-cured tobacco barn is located in the large bottomland across the highway

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Billy Askew Barn